Why Are My Eyes Red?

By jolene
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2. Dry Eyes

Tears are important for the eyes as they provide lubrication and moisture. Tears contain oils, mucus, water, special proteins, and antibodies that also function to protect the eyes. Dry eyes can cause sensitivity to light, blurry vision, itching, a feeling that there is something in the eye, a gritty sensation, and redness.

In some cases, there may be excessive tearing as the lack of moisture causes irritation, resulting in reflex tearing. Dry eyes may occur when the environment affects the tear film (such as a fan, heater, or air conditioner). Other causes include aging, conditions where the eyelids are unable to close properly, diseases that affect the ability to make tears, and side effects of medications. It can be managed using artificial tears, ointments, and more.

Red Eyes

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