10 Yellow Fever Symptoms

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Yellow fever is a potentially fatal disease that is caused by a particular type of virus. The virus is spread by a certain species of mosquito, and it is most prevalent in Africa and the tropics of South America. Monkeys can also be infected by the disease, and a person can be infected by a mosquito that has fed from an infected monkey.

There is no known cure for yellow fever, although treatment can help to improve the patient’s chances of surviving the disease. There is, however, a vaccine that should be taken by people that are planning to travel to certain parts of the world.

1. Fever

Viruses generally don’t do well under high temperatures. If they get too hot then they will expire altogether, which is why some viruses are more likely to make you ill during the cold winter months. Our bodies have evolved a defense mechanism that helps to take advantage of this.

Our immune systems have evolved the ability to heat up our bodies to help deal with viruses and other pathogens.

This is known as a fever, and it is a fairly common symptom of falling ill. It is also a symptom of yellow fever. Patients with yellow fever are also likely to have a headache, and they can also experience aches and pains in their joints and muscles.

Yellow Fever

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