What Is Yellow Fever?

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When you travel to certain parts of the world it is important to make sure you are safe from diseases. There are numerous reasons why some diseases are more prevalent in other countries, including climate, vaccination rates, hygiene standards, and the local fauna.

If you travel to parts of South America and Africa then you are more likely to be exposed to a certain species of mosquito. These mosquitos feed on humans, as well as other animals, and they can carry viruses and other pathogens that can make us very ill. One example of a disease spread by mosquitos is yellow fever, and it can make us very ill indeed.

1. Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a disease that is usually found in parts of Africa and South America. People in developed countries that catch the disease usually do so after having travelled to these areas. The disease is spread through the bite of a species of mosquito that is quite common in the area.

The majority of cases of yellow fever will be only mild, which is fortunate because there is no cure for the disease. It can become more serious in some cases, however, and it can lead to fatalities. While it cannot be cured, there is a vaccine that can prevent people catching the disease in the first place.

Yellow Fever

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