10 Causes of a Sore Tongue

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The tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth used for mastication, swallowing, digestion, and speech. The surface of the tongue is covered by taste buds in the lingual papillae. It is sensitive and is richly supplied by blood vessels and nerves.

Since the tongue has several crucial functions, a sore tongue can be uncomfortable and hard to ignore as it interferes with important actions such as speaking and eating.

There are various causes of a sore tongue that range from harmless to worrying. However, a sore tongue is a common issue that is mostly due to harmless causes. Those who experience persistent and debilitating pain should seek medical advice.

Cause #1: Trauma or Injury

Any trauma or injury to the tongue can result in pain and soreness of the tongue. This can occur when one accidentally bites down on the tongue, teeth grinding (causes pain on the outer edge of the tongue), and scalding it (eating hot foods or beverages).

Just like any other injury, the pain does not go away. While it takes time to heal, the tongue can be painful, uncomfortable, and sore. Pain can be reduced by avoiding acidic, salty, and spicy foods.

Sore Tongue

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