10 Causes of Elbow Pain

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When we talk about doing some hard physical labor, we tend to say that we are using a lot of elbow grease. It makes a lot of sense because the elbow is where a lot of our physical strength is applied, with strong muscles allowing us to lift heavy objects with the help of our elbows. For a joint that does so much hard work, though, there are numerous ways it can go wrong.

If you are experiencing pain in your elbow, there’s a good chance it is down to a physical cause. Bones can become broken and joints worn through excessive use. There are also various diseases and other medical conditions that can contribute to the cause of pain in the elbow.

Cause #1: Fractures

Our elbows can stick out quite a bit and this can put them in harm’s way. They will also tend to be put under quite a lot of pressure and this pressure can sometimes be a bit too much for them to take. Fractures can occur for a variety of reasons and they can be incredibly painful.

An injury is considered to be a fractured elbow if the bones of the arms are fractured where they meet at the elbow. Such an injury can cause the patient to experience other symptoms such as swelling, bruising and a loss of mobility in the elbow.

Elbow Pain

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