10 Broken Elbow Symptoms

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The elbow joint gives us flexibility and strength when it comes to lifting and handling objects. It is able to take quite a lot of weight and can help us to lift some very heavy objects. Its position, however, means that it can be prone to injury and impacts can lead to breaks.

A break of any of the bones in the elbow joint is likely to be very painful. Such a break can also lead to other symptoms such as a loss in mobility.

Patients will usually make a full recovery from a break of the elbow joint, but they should be sought immediate medical attention. Below are 10 symptoms of a broken elbow to look out for.

Symptom #1: Extreme Pain

We will all feel pain at some point in our lives. It is inevitable that we will pick up bumps, bruises, and other injuries and these can cause us considerable discomfort. The extent of the pain is usually in relation to the extent of the injury, with certain injuries renowned for being more painful than others.

The elbow is one joint that can be especially painful if you were to break it. In addition to intense pain in the area, it can also send shooting pains up and down the arms. The intensity of the pain will likely let you know that it is more than just an average knock.

Broken Elbow

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