Corneal Ulcer Symptoms

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At the very front of the eye is a clear protective layer known as the cornea. This layer helps to keep the pupil, iris, and anterior chamber safe from potentially dangerous particles and pathogens. It needs to be able to let light pass through easily, so it needs to be completely transparent.

Given its location, the cornea can develop scratches and other injuries. It can also fall foul of certain medical conditions, one of which is a corneal ulcer. A corneal ulcer is something that can usually be treated, but it can lead to severe and permanent damage so treatment should be sought as quickly as possible.

1. Watery Eyes

Our eyes are naturally wet. This is partly because they need to be lubricated to help our eyelids move smoothly over them so they can open and close easily. In addition, watery eyes help to protect them from particles, irritants, and anything else that cause the eyes harm. If you were to get a grain of sand in your eyes, for example, then the tear ducts would begin producing excess tears in order to help flush the particle out from the eyes. The eyes will usually become watery whenever there is something to irritate them, and this can mean a corneal ulcer.

Corneal Ulcer

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