10 Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

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Just below their bladders, men have a small organ that is known as the prostate. The urethra passes through this gland and, as semen is passed through the gland on ejaculation, the prostate releases a fluid that protects and nourishes semen.

This gland is, unfortunately, prone to becoming swollen from time to time. This can cause various symptoms, many of which revolve around how men are able to urinate. The good news is that a swollen prostate is not necessarily dangerous and is relatively easy to treat.

Here’s a look at some of the most common symptoms of the condition.

Symptom #1: A Weak Flow

When in the wild, it is fairly important for animals to pass urine as quickly as possible. This is because it is a time when they are vulnerable, and urine could also potentially leave a trail that will lead predators directly to them. For this reason, our muscles help to push urine out quickly to make the process faster than usual.

In the case of an enlarged prostate, however, this system is not always as effective as it would otherwise be. This can mean that the patient will experience a weaker than usual stream. While it may not present a danger to them as it might in the wild, it can still be rather frustrating for the patient.

Enlarged Prostate

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