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The prostate is a small gland that is found only in men. When the man ejaculates, this gland will secrete a fluid that helps to protect the sperm. This helps to keep the sperm healthy and alive until it can make it to the egg.

This gland is prone to infections, however, and this can lead to some very unwelcome symptoms. The condition is relatively easy to treat with antibiotics, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory medication.

This article looks at 10 symptoms of a prostate infection.

Symptom #1: Pelvic Pain

Patients suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis may experience pelvic pain and/or discomfort. It is a common symptom and it can spread into the rectum and the suprapubic region. The pain is not usually severe but depending on the location it can be quite debilitating for the patient.

Prostate Infection

Symptom #2: Urinating Urgently

We have all been caught short from time to time and when you have to go, you just have to go. We will usually get plenty of warning, however, as the need to urinate usually starts off quite mild, gradually building over time. Things can get difficult, however, if the need to urinate becomes urgent straight away and without warning.

Patients with a prostate infection will often find that they have a sudden urge to pee. This can be very awkward if the patient is out somewhere and needs to find a bathroom straightaway. The good news is that the symptom should hopefully clear up once the underlying cause has been treated.

Symptom #3: Dysuria

Urinating is usually a painless and easy affair. All we need to do is to make sure that we are in the right position at the time and let nature do the rest. Even this is not always so easy for some people, and many can even find it to be quite a painful experience.

Dysuria is a condition that means the patient finds it painful to urinate. The pain is often described as a burning sensation and it can be very difficult to bear. Unfortunately, the patient will still need to urinate no matter how painful it is.

Prostate Infection

Symptom #4: Pain When Ejaculating

We have evolved to have strong urges to have sex, and also to experience great pleasure when we do. Ejaculation releases hormones that help to give us a sense of euphoria at the time. It is very important for us because it helps to make sure that we procreate and continue the species. Without these sensations, we might may not even be here today.

Unfortunately, however, sex is not always so enjoyable for some people. Somebody with a prostate infection can find that even ejaculating is painful for them, making them reluctant to have sex. The symptom should disappear when the infection has been successfully treated.

Symptom #5: Pain in Testicles

It is not usual for somebody to feel pain in their testicles, unless they have managed to injure them somehow. If there is a pain that cannot be explained then you should arrange to get it checked out. This is a symptom that patients with a prostate infection are likely to develop.

In addition to a pain in the testicles, patients can also experience a pain in their penis. Other men might experience a pain in the perineum, which is the part of skin that is found between the rectum and the scrotum. Getting it checked out can help to diagnose potentially serious problems early on.

Prostate Infection

Symptom #6: Flu Symptoms

Most of us will contract the flu from time to time. It is not necessarily dangerous, but it will often put us out of action for a few days or so. The symptoms can leave us more or less house-bound, but the symptoms can sometimes be caused by something else.

Patients with a prostate infection will often complain that they feel as though they have the flu. This will include symptoms such as a fever, chills, and aching muscles. Of course, it is not really the flu at all but is caused by the pathogen that is causing the infection.

Symptom #7: Abdomen Pain

There is a number of delicate organs located in the area of the abdomen. When one of these develops a problem, it will often be quite painful. As such, the patient will begin to feel pain in the abdomen area. The pain will often be severe, depending on what is causing it.

If we do feel pain in the abdomen area then we will often try to pass it off as something harmless. If it feels as though something is wrong, though, and you don’t just have indigestion, then something probably is wrong. The patient may also feel pain in the lower back and in the groin area.

Prostate Infection

Symptom #8: Nocturia

Generally speaking, most people need around 8 hours of sleep a night, although some will get by with more or less. Regardless, it is important that we wake up feeling thoroughly refreshed otherwise we may find it difficult to get through the day. Unfortunately, our own bodies can sometimes stop us from getting the sleep we need.

Nocturia is a condition that causes people to wake up during the night because they need to urinate. While a lot of people will wake once or twice a night to use the bathroom anyway, patients with a prostate infection can find they need to go so frequently that it affects their ability to get enough sleep.

Symptom #9: Difficulty Urinating

Urinating is usually a very easy thing to do. Certain muscles relax while other muscles contract and the urine is passed out through the urethra. In men, of course, this means passing it out through the penis. It is not necessarily this easy for patients that have a prostate infection, however.

Patients with a prostate infection can find it difficult to get started, and it can be difficult to attain a full flow. Instead, the urine is likely to dribble out slowly and also stop and start. It can be quite frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry at the time.

Symptom #10: Discharge

Patients suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis may experience intermittent episodes of urethral discharge. This is seen as a fluid coming out of the tip of the penis.

The consistency will vary depending on the condition of the patient and it is something that should be evaluated by a healthcare specialist.

Prostate Infection

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