10 Prostate Infection Symptoms

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Reviewed: Dr. Mera
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The prostate is a small gland that is found only in men. When the man ejaculates, this gland will secrete a fluid that helps to protect the sperm. This helps to keep the sperm healthy and alive until it can make it to the egg.

This gland is prone to infections, however, and this can lead to some very unwelcome symptoms. The condition is relatively easy to treat with antibiotics, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory medication.

This article looks at 10 symptoms of a prostate infection.

Symptom #1: Pelvic Pain

Patients suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis may experience pelvic pain and/or discomfort. It is a common symptom and it can spread into the rectum and the suprapubic region. The pain is not usually severe but depending on the location it can be quite debilitating for the patient.

Prostate Infection

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