Examples of Narcissistic Behavior

By amara
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2. Understanding Grandiosity and Narcissism

Perhaps the strongest indication of narcissistic personality disorder is grandiosity. Unlike simple arrogance, which can come from a person’s level of experience or knowledge, grandiosity is usually an unrealistic sense of being superior to others based on no concrete evidence. This inflated sense of importance can make a narcissist feel isolated from the people in his or her own social circle, believing that he or she should be around a “higher caliber” of person. The classic narcissist might shun any ideas or items he or she finds to be average, basic, or ordinary.

This level of grandiosity can prove to be problematic for a narcissist in a work environment, as he or she will demand praise and recognition for no reason. The person living with narcissistic personality disorder might cause waves at work, claiming to have accomplished tasks or achieved objectives that other people were responsible for.


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