10 Causes of Eye Floaters

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Many of us have eye floaters. They are specks in your vision that just appear to float there, moving along as you move your eyes. They will often appear to be worm-like, although they can appear in various shapes. They tend not to cause any real impact on our vision and can come and go quite harmlessly.

Eye floaters can be caused by a range of things. Most commonly, they are caused by tiny fibers bunching together in your retina and this will cause you no harm. Sometimes, though, they can be a sign of something more serious.

If you do notice more than usual, or if you are experiencing them alongside other symptoms, you should arrange to speak with a medical professional.

Cause #1: Eye Injury

Set well back into the skull, our eyes are quite well protected. They need to be because they are quite delicate, made from soft tissue that is easy to damage. Despite this protective casing, though, our eyes are far from impervious and injuries can occur.

One symptom of an eye injury is to have eye floaters. These floaters are something most of us are used to, meaning we are unlikely to pay much notice to them. If there does appear to be more than normal, though, or you are experiencing other symptoms, you should go and get it checked out by a professional.

Eye Floaters

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