10 Home Remedies For Bruises

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Bruising is a form of trauma that is common in both children and adults. A bruise can occur on any part of the body including the hands, arms, face, abdomen, and legs.

Bruising occurs when a part of the body receives a blow during a fall, physical exercise, accidents, or physical abuse. This causes small blood vessels within the skin to leak blood. This shows as a darker patch of skin.

Some health conditions as well as some medications can lead to easy bruising. According to medical statistics, women are more prone to bruising than men. A bruise is generally a mild form of injury that can be treated at home.

Home Remedy #1: Ice

Ice can be a good remedy for bruises. What you need to do immediately when you get a bruise, is to put some ice on it to stem increase in blood flow to the site. By reducing blood flow to the bruised area, ice can help reduce leakage of blood or bleeding. This will reduce inflammation and to some extent, prevent swelling.

A reusable ice pack can be convenient in this case, or a bag of ice, frozen vegetables wrapped in a bag, a towel, or a piece of cloth. Place the ice on the bruised area for about ten minutes, remove it, and wait for twenty minutes before reapplying it. Repeat this process several times to soothe the bruise and initiate healing.


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