10 Home Remedies For Pink Eye

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Pink eye is a term used to describe the appearance of eyes affected by conjunctivitis. Viruses are the main cause of pink eye, although bacteria are also responsible for some cases. Pink eye may also occur as a result of exposure to allergens or other irritants.

Pink eye can occur at the same time as throat or respiratory tract infections. Poor hygiene, including wearing contaminated or poorly cleaned contact lenses, can worsen the condition or even be the starting point of pink eye.

If you have pink eye, you may need to visit an eye doctor. Alternatively, you can use some of the following 10 home remedies for pink eye to get relief from the condition.

Home Remedy #1: Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

Because pink eye may arise due to several causes, including allergic reactions and infections, it can help to eliminate any possible source of the causative agents. One recommendation toward reducing the irritation that may be responsible for the pink eye is to take a break from using contact lenses.

Your contact lenses may be harboring bacteria, viruses, or allergens, causing eye inflammation. Therefore, removing them, and cleaning them thoroughly or disposing of them, in the case of disposable contact lenses, is highly recommended. Alongside contact lenses, a change of the cleaning solution is also advisable. You can keep off contact lenses until you recover from the pink eye condition.

Pink Eye

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