What Is Pinkeye?

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Pinkeye, otherwise called conjunctivitis, is a condition in which the outer lining of the white of an eye known as conjunctiva and the inside of the eyelid are inflamed. The inflammation causes the white part of the eye to appear pink or red. The affected eye may also tear or itch.

Pinkeye is a common eye problem, especially in young children. While it causes eye discomfort, pinkeye usually isn’t a serious problem and can clear on its own within days to two weeks. However, some types of pinkeye are highly contagious and can be passed to uninfected person’s from an infected person by way of eye to hand, and hand to eye contact, including handling of items contaminated with tears or other infected body materials.

1. Symptoms of Pinkeye

While redness of the eye is the most outstanding symptom of pinkeye, some symptoms may depend on the cause of the inflammation. However, in most cases, increased production of tears, eye itchiness, thick crust over eyelashes especially upon waking up, and sensitivity to light are common. Other common symptoms of pinkeye include swelling, blurred vision, and a burning feeling in the eyes.


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