10 Benefits of Kombucha

By tallene
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Kombucha is a sweet carbonated drink made from yeast, sugar, and fermented green or black tea. The process of fermenting tea for kombucha uses a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, known as SCOBY. During the fermentation process, the SCOBY yeast breaks down the sugars and releases beneficial probiotic bacteria. After fermentation, kombucha becomes naturally carbonated, resulting in a fizzy drink.

Kombucha Benefit #1: Mental Health

There are strong links between depression and inflammation. Therefore, it is believed that the anti-inflammatory nature of kombucha may alleviate some symptoms of depression for an increased mental state. Gut health can also have a strong influence on brain health. This connection is known as the Gut-Brain Axis as the communication between the two affects health and wellbeing.

Through this system, a vicious cycle of problems starting from the gut can trigger neurological symptoms in the brain which can result in further gut aggravation. Altering the gut microbiome can treat mental conditions. Kombucha has the solution to this problem by providing probiotics that can help regulate gut health, thereby alleviating mental health.


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