10 Mini Stroke Symptoms

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A mini stroke is very similar to a stroke. But the impact and long-term effects are far less damaging. Most mini strokes are actually transient ischemic attacks (TIAs). During a TIA, blood flow to the brain or retina is briefly obstructed. Symptoms usually only last a few minutes or hours, typically no longer than 24 hours.1‘What is a TIA?’ American Stroke Association, https://www.stroke.org/en/about-stroke/types-of-stroke/tia-transient-ischemic-attack/what-is-a-tia.

However, a mini stroke may be a vital warning sign of an impending stroke, so it’s important to recognize the symptoms. Being aware of them allows an individual to seek medical attention right away. This may provide essential intervention to help prevent or lessen the effects of a more serious stroke event.

1. Numbness

During a TIA, one side of the face may go numb or even droop. It can partially impact the person’s mouth and eye, or, numbness down the left or right side of the body can occur. The area of obstructed blood flow in the brain determines the location of the numbness.

This feeling usually comes on suddenly. It might last for only a few minutes or persist for several hours. Tingling may also accompany the feeling of numbness. Sufferers should be sure to give their medical provider a detailed description of all their symptoms to help diagnose the issue.

Mini Stroke

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