10 Strabismus Symptoms

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Strabismus is the medical term that describes a condition more commonly referred to as ‘being cross-eyed.’ People who struggle with being cross-eyed have a problem in which both of their eyeballs don’t align, meaning they aren’t able to focus on the same object with both eyes. This can lead to a number of issues with focus and can even make certain situations dangerous. There are a number of symptoms associated with strabismus.

There are also a number of things that can cause the condition. Most of these causes are a result of some problem with the muscles that the eye uses to focus. Each eye has a set of six muscles that work together to help the eyes look at the same things. Unfortunately, some people – like those with strabismus – have some sort of issue in which the muscles of the eyeball don’t work in tandem. This leads to the patient’s eyeballs looking at different things and an inability or difficulty focusing on certain things.

The result is that the brain receives two different images, whereas someone whose muscles are functioning properly will receive two sets of the same image. Many patients with strabismus have learned to unconsciously ‘ignore’ one of these images, usually the one that is sent through the weaker eyeball.

If you’re struggling with strabismus, you might think that it’d be easy to tell. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to recognize the difference in their eyes when they look into a mirror and it’s not always the case that someone will inform you if you struggle with the problem. It can also be hard for a parent to be certain as to whether or not their child is struggling with strabismus. If you’re worried that you or your child are developing strabismus it can be useful to read a list of symptoms and decide for yourself if you should seek treatment. It’s important to seek treatment for strabismus early on because if it is left to progress then it can develop into more serious conditions.

Symptom #1: Crossed Eyes

The most common symptom of strabismus, and the most easily observed symptom, is that of having crossed eyes.

Patients with the condition often have one eye that points more towards one side which gives them the appearance of having their vision ‘crossed.’


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