10 Symptoms Of Eye Cancer

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Eye cancer is rare. It may affect the outer areas of the eye, which consist of muscles, nerves, and skin. If the cancer originates in the eyeball, it’s known as intraocular cancer.

Melanoma and lymphoma are the most common types of intraocular cancer in adults. In children, the most common cancer of the eye is retinoblastoma, which begins in the retina cells. Cancer from other areas of the body can also reach the eye.

Eye cancer patients may experience the following signs or symptoms. Sometimes they don’t show any of the symptoms below, or the symptoms might be due to a medical problem that’s not cancer.

Symptom #1: Blurred Vision

If your eyesight is not sharp enough, you may have blurred vision. As such, objects will appear hazy and out of focus. Refractive errors, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and presbyopia (astigmatism) are the main causes of blurry vision. However, blurry vision can also indicate more serious issues, such as a potentially vision-threatening eye condition like eye cancer or a neurological disorder.

The initial blurring of eyesight can often be overlooked or attributed to refractory errors, necessitating the use of eye glasses. This seemingly harmless symptom must be examined by an ophthalmologist to rule out eye cancer, especially in people with eye cancer risk factors.

Eye Cancer

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