What Is DRESS Syndrome?

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There are countless different types of drug used in modern medicine. They are generally very beneficial to us and, in some cases, they can even save our lives. For all the good they can do for us, however, some drugs come with some very unwelcome side effects. In some cases, individuals can have bad reactions to drugs that most other people will not develop.

One example of such a reaction is drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS). It is not a common condition and, for those that do have it, it can be life threatening. Here’s a look at some of the symptoms of this rare but dangerous condition.

1. Genetics

We are all put together differently. Not only can we look different from the outside but there can also be differences in regard to how our bodies function on the inside. For example, different people will react in different ways to anything that is put in our bodies, and this includes medication. Some people will have reactions to medication because they are genetically disposed to do so. There is little that can be done about the condition, except to try and find alternative drugs that the patient will not have a bad reaction to. If one or more of your parents reacts badly to certain drugs, then you may do also.

DRESS Syndrome

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