What Is Dystonic Reaction?

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Muscle twitches are not uncommon, and many people have a nervous tick or similar. These are usually quite harmless, even if they can be frustrating, and many people with them will go on to live perfectly normal lives. They can be more severe in some people, however.

Dystonia is a condition where the patient’s muscles contract involuntarily. There are many potential causes for it, and the severity of the symptoms can vary considerably. It can be painful and it can also be distressing for the patient’s loved ones. One potential cause is a dystonic reaction, which is a reaction caused by certain drugs.

1. Dystonia

Dystonia is a condition in which the patient’s muscles will contract involuntarily. This can cause their body to twist and they are also likely to keep on performing particular movements repetitively. The symptoms are only very mild in a lot of cases, but they can be severe in others.

The spasms can affect different parts of the body. In some cases, they can even be very painful for the patient. They can also make it very difficult for the patient to go about their day to day lives and even performing simple chores can be a challenge. It may not be possible for the patient to drive and/or operate heavy machinery due to the dangers involved.

Dystonic Reaction

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