What Is Gastritis?

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An upset stomach is one of the most common ailments that people can get. It can be very uncomfortable and it can ruin our day, but it will usually not be serious and will also usually only be short term. Some upset stomachs are likely to last for longer, however.

If you do have an upset stomach and the symptoms are lingering, you should arrange to get it checked out. There are numerous potential causes for it, including a relatively common condition known as gastritis. It is not usually something to worry about, but it should still be treated nonetheless.

1. Gastritis

Our stomachs have a specialized lining that allows us to absorb nutrients while also protecting us against the acidity of our digestive juices. This lining can become inflamed in a condition that is known as gastritis, and there are numerous potential reasons this can happen.

Gastritis is not usually a serious problem and most people who have it will experience no symptoms. When symptoms do arise, they can be uncomfortable, but they are still not usually serious. Gastritis will be serious in a small number of cases, however, and it is wise to see a doctor to help prevent mild conditions getting worse.


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