What Is Iritis?

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Life would be very different for us if we were to lose our vision. While our eyes are reasonably well protected, they are not completely safe so we should do what we can to help keep them in good condition. If we don’t then there are a number of conditions that might cause us problems.

Iritis is a condition that can be very uncomfortable, and it can also lead to some further complications if it is not addressed accordingly. The complications may even lead to a complete loss of sight, making it especially important to prevent the conditions and/or treat it as soon as it is diagnosed.

1. The Iris

The iris is located in the center of your eye. It is the ring that directly surrounds the pupil, which is the center-most part that allows light to enter into the eye. It is the part of the eye that gives us our eye color, and it adjusts to allow more or less light in the eye according to the light conditions.

Anterior uveitis is a condition where the iris becomes inflamed and swollen. Iritis is a particular type of anterior uveitis. The condition can cause some very unwelcome symptoms. It can also lead to permanent damage in some cases, so it should be treated as soon as it is detected.


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