What Is Locked In Syndrome?

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When we are injured, there is a good chance that we will acquire permanent damage to our bodies. This will be painful, and it may also be unsightly, but we will usually be able to recover to a degree even if not completely. Some people, however, will get injuries so significant that they will struggle to do anything at all.

Such injuries, and some illnesses, can lead to a condition known as locked-in syndrome. This basically means that the patient will still be alert, but will have lost their ability to move their muscles. It is thankfully a rare occurrence, and here we take a closer look at what it is, some of the causes, and how it can affect patients.

1. Locked-In Syndrome

Locked-in syndrome is a condition in which the patient is completely paralyzed in all of their muscles, except for those that control the eyes. They are also unable to speak and have no other way of communicating with other people, except for by making movements with their eyes. It is caused by a neurological disorder and, despite their paralyses, the patients cognitive ability will usually remain more or less intact. The condition is caused by damaged to the pons (Latin for “bridge”), which is made up of nerve fibers that allow messages to be passed to and from the brain.

Locked In Syndrome

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