What Is Adenovirus?

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There are many types of virus in the world. Many of them are harmless to us, and will only affect other animals or plants. Of those that can affect us, however, many are quite common. This means that we always need to be vigilant to help protect ourselves against diseases.

Adenovirus are among the most common of all types of viruses that can affect people and more than 50 different serotypes have been discovered. Adenoviruses are typically able to survive outside of a host for a relatively long time, increasing the likelihood of transmission. Diseases caused by them are usually only mild, and treatment is often not deemed necessary.

1. Adenoviruses

Adenoviruses are common, so common that pretty much everybody will have encountered them at some point in their lives. They can cause a range of unwelcome symptoms, but thankfully they are usually only mild. The immune system is usually strong enough to be able to beat the viruses without medical assistance.

Adenovirus diseases can affect people of all ages, but they are more common in children. This is largely because children are less likely to have been exposed to the virus. This, in turn, means they will not yet have built up an immunity which would otherwise prevent them from falling ill.


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