What Is Aspiration Pneumonia?

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If we stopped breathing, then we would die. This simple fact means that our lungs are one of the most important organs in our bodies. Some of our lifestyle choices can result in our lungs not functioning as well as they usually would, however.

This includes things like smoking cigarettes, while being in a polluted environment is also going to increase our chances of developing problems with our lungs. Some other factors can cause more severe breathing problems that can be a direct threat to the patient’s life. Some people can develop aspiration pneumonia, which can be very dangerous if it is not treated in time.

1. Aspiration Pneumonia?

Our lungs are constantly expanding and collapsing in a cycle that never stops until the day we die. This action is essential to us because it allows us to breathe in fresh air that contains oxygen that we need to survive. It also allows us to exhale waste gas products like carbon dioxide.

As we inhale, it is inevitable that unwelcome particles will be inhaled also. This is not usually a problem as these particles will usually be exhaled again, or dealt with by our immune system. Aspiration pneumonia is a condition where larger particles are inhaled that cannot be dealt with, and these can result in an infection.

Aspiration Pneumonia

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