10 Broken Ankle Symptoms

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Our ankles take quite a bit of pounding day in, day out. They will often take our weight for hours on end and will even support us when we are taking part in physically demanding sports. They are flexible yet also tough enough to endure what we put them through throughout our lives.

Ankles can also be broken, though. Landing awkwardly, for example, can be enough to twist an ankle to the point where one or more of the bones give way under the pressure. This is very painful and can also result in problems in the medium to short term.

Below are 10 symptoms you should look for if you suspect you have broken an ankle.

Symptom #1: Pain

One of the first things people will notice after picking up just about any injury is pain. This is one of the body’s defense mechanisms in that it is telling you that you are hurt and that you need to do something about it.

A broken ankle is quite a heavy injury, so you should expect it to cause considerable pain. Indeed, broken bones are notorious for the amount of pain they can cause, often leaving the victim in agony. If somebody is experiencing such pain, it is often best to leave treatment to the experts where possible.

Broken Ankle

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