10 Broken Collar Bone Symptoms

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The collar bone, also known as the clavicle, connects the shoulder joint to the sternum. It helps to provide support, allowing for flexibility and strength. It is fairly exposed, however, and relatively thin, meaning it is prone to injury. It is not uncommon for sports people to break this bone due to impacts.

When this bone does break, it will usually break downward due to the direction of the force that is usually responsible. Regardless of how it breaks, it is still likely to be very painful and emergency medical assistance will be required.

In the vast majority of cases, the patient will make a full recovery within 6–8 weeks. Below are 10 symptoms that a person who has broken their collar bone should look out for.

Symptom #1: Pain

Pain is far from a pleasant experience, but it is a necessary one. Without it, we could do harm to ourselves and we would not do anything to remedy the problem. Pain is a kind of alarm to tell us that something is wrong. Such information is still likely to be of little consolation to those experiencing it, though.

If you break your collar bone, then you are going to know about it. A broken bone of that nature is going to cause considerable discomfort with many people left writhing in agony. The pain will subside in time, and medical professionals may be able to give you something to ease the pain.

Broken Collar Bone

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