10 Muscle Strain Symptoms

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Our muscles do a lot of work pretty much every day. They are constantly pulling to help us move and we can sometimes take them for granted. We might sometimes expect too much of them and put them under too much pressure, causing them to rip and tear.

A tear in the muscle fibers is known as a strain. It can affect the tendons as well as the fibers of the muscles themselves. It can be very painful and lead to the patient becoming immobile. A muscle strain will generally require medical assistance.

Here’s a look at a few of the signs that a muscle strain may have occurred.

Symptom #1: Unable to Use the Muscle

Our muscles are essential for us because, without them, we would not be able to move. Whenever one of our muscles contracts, it pulls on tendons and causes motion in our limbs. It is a very effective system and allows us to lift heavy objects while also providing flexibility.

In case of a muscle strain, however, you may find that you cannot use the muscle at all. Either damage to the muscle inhibits you from using it, or a torn tendon might leave it ineffective. Regardless, it is best that you rest the injury so that it is able to heal.

Muscle Strain

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