What Is McArdle Disease?

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Some people are naturally fitter than others are. Some people may find that they cannot keep up with others no matter how hard they try, simply because of the way they were born. This is often down to simply being stronger physiologically, while it can also sometimes be down to certain medical conditions.

One example of a medical condition that can impede somebody’s physical abilities is McArdle disease. It is a disease that makes it very difficult for people to exercise, no matter how hard they might try. It is not usually a dangerous condition, but it can still have an impact on the patient’s life.

1. Glucose

Glucose is a type of sugar that is commonly found in many of the foods we eat. It is produced naturally in a range of foods, and it is one of our most important sources of energy. There are also other types of naturally occurring sugars, such as fructose, which is found in many fruits and berries.

When we eat, there is typically a surge in glucose in the body, depending on what we have eaten. The body will automatically try and reduce the levels of glucose flowing through our blood. When it does this, it will store much of the glucose as a different compound known as glycogen.

McArdle Disease

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