Symptoms of Ataxia

By james
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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Ataxia is a condition where the patient has a lack of control over their muscles. They can lose their coordination and even walking can become a challenge for them. It can even go on to affect the patient’s ability to speak as they lose control of their speech muscles.

There are various different types of ataxia. Some are inherited, while others are caused later in life. The treatment depends on the underlying cause and it often focuses on trying to enhance the patient’s mobility, independence, and overall quality of life. Here we take a look at what the condition is and some of the symptoms it causes.

1. Coordination Problems

Walking might seem effortless when we do it, but it actually takes an impressive amount of skill. Our bodies are top heavy and not ideally suited to walking upright as we do. This means that we need to constantly be performing an astonishing number of calculations just to be able to take even one step.

We tend to not notice how much work it takes, thanks to a very powerful computer (our brain) that performs the necessary calculations with ease. In cases of ataxia, the brain is no longer as effective at these calculations and this can mean the patient begins losing their coordination.


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