What Is a Bladder Infection?

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If any animal in the wild was to leave behind a trail of urine then it would easily reveal their position to prey, and predators. It would also potentially cause hygiene issues. For these reasons, we evolved a system where instead of releasing a constant stream of urine, it would be released periodically instead.

This involves the use of a bladder. This is a natural type of bag that stores urine until there’s a suitable moment for it to be released. Obviously, we no longer need to worry about predators, but the system is still very beneficial as it helps maintain hygiene. The system can develop problems, however, including a chance that the bladder can become infected.

1. Bladder Infection

Although it is tucked away deep inside our body, our bladder is not immune from infections. Bacteria are still sometimes able to make their way into the organ and once inside, they can proliferate and cause problems for us. When a bladder infection takes place it can cause the bladder to become inflamed in a condition known as cystitis.

Women are more likely to develop a bladder infection than men are. It is not usually a serious condition, although it can be very uncomfortable, and it can be treated. Untreated bladder infections can turn serious, however, so they should always be treated as soon as possible.

Bladder Infection

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