What Is Acute Bronchitis?

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Our lungs are one of our most essential organs. We cannot live without them and modern technology has not yet found a way to replace them. As such, it pays to try and keep them in good health, but this is often easier said than done and even the healthiest of people can develop problems.

The lungs are made up of many parts. This includes the alveoli in the lining of the lungs that help us to absorb the air that we need. In order for the air to reach the alveoli where the exchange of gases can take place, passageways need to be available to allow the air to pass through. One of these passageways is the bronchial tubes.

1. Bronchial Tubes

The bronchial tubes are passageways that help connect your lungs with the windpipe. This allows air to pass freely in and out of the lungs as the patient breathes. At the point where they meet the windpipe there are two bronchial tubes, with one for each lung. As the tubes travel into the lungs they begin to branch out, much like the branches of a tree.

The bronchial tubes are quite delicate and they are lined with a soft tissue. As air is passing over these tissues, they are prone to becoming infected by pathogens that may be in the air. The tissues are also prone to irritation or damage from chemicals and similar that may be in the air. These factors can lead to a medical condition known as acute bronchitis.

Acute Bronchitis

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