What Is Inflammation?

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If we injure ourselves then our body will immediately react to help repair the damage and keep us safe from infections. When an intruder does make its way into the body then the same mechanism will help to deal with the intruder before it can do us any harm. As helpful as this is for us, it can also cause some rather unwelcome side effects.

These defensive actions will sometimes cause some considerable discomfort for us. It can cause considerable pain in the short term, and it can cause a lot of discomfort in the long term. Regardless, it is a process that is still necessary for our overall wellbeing. The side effects of these defensive actions are known as inflammation.

1. Inflammation

Inflammation is a very common condition. Indeed, it is something that affects all of us. While we are often trying to treat inflammation, it is actually a very important process for us. Without it, we would not be able to heal quickly, and we would be more prone to infections.

Inflammation is caused because lots of white blood cells rush to a problem area to help protect us against unwelcome intruders. This causes the flow of blood to increase, and this causes the area to become red and warm. The white blood cells will also release chemicals, and these irritate the tissues, potentially causing pain.


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