10 Home Remedies For Gnats

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Gnats is the blanket term given to many species of small flying insects. You are most likely to encounter them on hot sunny days and they can become a real nuisance when they swarm. Some can also bite, which is likely to leave us feeling very itchy. Some people can also have adverse reactions to their bites.

Although usually encountered outside, gnats can also be a pest in the home. They are often attracted to garbage and any food that might be left in the open.

There are various ways to help get rid of them but this often involves chemicals that we would rather not have in the home. There are also some home remedies that can help to deal with the problem.

Home Remedy #1: Get Cleaning

Gnats will generally take advantage of whatever food may be available to them. To them, this will often mean unwashed dishes, dirty worktops, and even garbage bins. If you do have a problem with gnats in the home, it might be because you need to get cleaning.

Make sure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and all dishes are washed or placed in the dishwasher. Don’t keep trash in the house, or at least use a trash can that has a lid. Put cookies away in jars and basically make sure that no food is accessible to any gnats that enter your home.


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