What Is Cat Scratch Fever?

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Cat scratch fever, also known as cat scratch disease, is a bacterial infection transmitted via an infected cat. The illness most frequently causes only mild symptoms. Occasionally, it becomes serious, and there are a few rare complications.

An estimated 12,000 people in the U.S. get the disease every year, and approximately 500 of those are hospitalized. More cases appear in the late summer to early fall months although January tends to have a spike as well.

1. CSD Causes

The bacterium Bartonella Henselae causes CSD. Research suggests felines contract it from fleas when they are bitten. They can also pick it up from flea dirt getting into open wounds, on their claws when they scratch or in their teeth when they groom.

Infected felines transmit the bacteria to humans by biting, licking or scratching them. The bite or scratch has to be hard enough to break the skin. When a cat licks the open wound of a person, transmission happens through the saliva.

Cat Scratch Fever

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